It’s now four lanes on Highway 76 all the way from I-5 on the coast to I-15 in the mountains, reports the San Diego Union-Tribune.

For commuters, that’s a good thing, but for the rest of us it means an easier drive from the beach to one of the county’s best burger spots, Nessy Burgers.

The kitchen-in-a-trailer spot was rolled a few years back from its original location next to the gas station at I-15 and Pala Road (Highway 76) a bit north to accommodate the new road. As they will, burger addicts have  found the new location a bit north on Old Highway 395 next to the Pala Mesa Market.

Here’s a chance for you to do your own joyride San Diego day trip … take Highway 76 east from I-5, past Mission San Luis Rey, past the old Bonsall Bridge (which used to carry the highway traffic) and over to Nessy Burgers. Your prize at the end of the drive.


  1. Worth the drive. I thought they were gone when they moved. I will be there this weekend.

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