Think you’ve got challenges with your vehicle?

Here’s a look back a bit more than a century to intrepid travelers on the road from San Diego to Pine Hills, then and now a resort near Julian.

I’m guessing it’s a 1912 Franklin (what do you say, car collectors?) that’s had a flat. The intrepid driver is changing it on a dirt road in what sort of looks like Santa Ysabel, the big valley just west of Julian and the turnoff to Pine Hills.

That’s San Diego banker M. T. Gilmore in the back seat, disgustingly waiting while the tire is being changed. Gilmore shows up in a number of Pine Hills photos in the Ed Fletcher Papers collection at the UC San Diego Library Special Collections and Archives.

If this is the road I think it is, it’s currently state Highway 78, which runs from Oceanside way out to Blyth on the Colorado River. Fletcher was San Diego’s premiere auto booster a century ago, as well as a real estate developer. Fletcher Cove in Solana Beach is his work, as is Fletcher Hills and the Pine Hills resort.

I go to Julian and Pine Hills in Joyrides Around San Diego. Just as it was in 1912, it’s a perfect San Diego staycation.


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