Palomar Mountain, in north-central San Diego County, is not just a great place to visit, it’s also a place to see the history of astronomy—the 200-inch Hale telescope.

Kids and adults who have a thing for space will love visiting a place where human exploration of space was advanced long before the first human orbited the earth in 1961. The telescope was state-of-the-art when it opened in 1947 and is still providing new scientific discoveries today.

Postcard of Palomar Mountain
Postcard of Palomar Mountain

The complex of telescopes is run by Caltech and includes a great visitor center. The short answer on how to get there… I-15 to Highway 76 east, left at South Grade (County Highway S-6). It’s a great San Diego day trip.

For more to do on getting there, check out my Journey to the Stars on Amazon Kindle, just $2.99 and goes right into the Kindle app on your phone with a link to Google Maps for directions. There’s also the paper book version, a chapter in the 10-drive Joyrides Around San Diego.


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