San Diego’s had a good rainy season so far, which means our back country has greened up and that makes for great times for a day trip.

It’s amazing how quickly things turn green; our native plants take any moisture and run with it. Within a few days of a rain, the chaparral and coastal sage scrub come alive. Even the oaks perk up.

One of my favorite day trip routes in the Joyride Guru® series is Crazy Couser, available as a downloadable e-book on Amazon Kindle, or as part of the Joyrides Around San Diego 10-drive print book on sale at bookstores, as well as and Barnes and Noble’s website.

It’s easy to get to, as it starts just north of Escondido off of Interstate 15. It parallels I-15 north from the Champagne Boulevard exit for about 20 miles, where it meets I-15 at Pala Road. It has challenging twists, but nothing even an inexperienced curvy road driver in a minivan couldn’t handle.

I’ve been posting some photos from the Deer Park Winery and Auto Museum on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram lately. Today’s photo is from around Lilac Road and Keys Creek Road west of Valley Center. This is from a couple of years ago, but trust me, it still looks the same today, just as green and beautiful.


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