Reader Janet sent me a question this week…

Hi, Thank you for your wonderful book and this web site.  I wonder if, for those of us new to San Diego, you could be more explicit as to where to go to see the flowers.  We are most anxious to do this, but don’t know what areas are likely to have flowers to begin with, much less where they have started to bloom.

I know you can’t be everywhere, but maybe you could give some select suggestions about locations.

Thanks for all you do.  You are a treasure.

Thanks, Jan

Hi, Janet. Thanks for the nice words! That website at the Anza-Borrego foundation pinpoints the spots in the desert. Beyond that, most of the back country roads will be blooming in the next couple of months. Check back on the website; I’ll post links as I find them.

Flowers move around so much, it’s best to check in at the visitor center for the latest locations. The Anza-Borrego Desert State Park headquarters, at the west end of the town of Borrego Springs, should be your first stop. Cuyamaca Rancho State Park’s visitor center, off SR-79 north of Descanso, has great volunteers and rangers to help you.

Here’s another suggestion, but it’s a few hours out of San Diego. The excellent CBS News Sunday Morning program had its Moment of Nature today from Death Valley, where they’re talking about having a “mega bloom,” a big flower year. Watch the segment.



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