Thanks to Bill Swank of the Clairemont Times for the nice story and a fun afternoon taking a joyride around San Diego’s Clairemont to find Bill’s favorite view spots.

I knew there were great views from the mesa of Mission Bay, Point Loma and downtown, but I learned more about the neighborhood. You’ll have to read the story to find out.

Bill mentions that I would include some of the buildings that date back to the area’s 1950s beginnings in the style that today is called Mid-Century Modern. He’s not a fan, but I am, as it represents the core of the community.

The post-World War II optimism helped attract buyers to this area “way out there” and created a sense of identity for what were new homes, new neighbors and a new start for the families that moved in.

A great place to learn about this is the website, which has a page on Clairemont.


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