There’s a spot on one of my favorite drives that I’ve never been able to check out… and I’m hoping you’ll let me know about it.

It’s the Yellow Deli, 32011 Lilac Rd., Valley Center, 92082. It’s along the route of my Crazy Couser Kindle book route. It’s not open on Saturday, which is probably why I’ve never visited. My schedule usually means I do my driving on Saturday.

Talk about something in the middle of nowhere… there’s nothing but farms and small ranches around this little frame house that serves sandwiches, salads, coffee and tea. It boasts that as much as possible is locally grown and prepared.

The late, great Larry Himmel profiled the place back in 2011.

Sounds like a great spot for a Sunday San Diego day trip. If you go, let me know how you like it.



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