I had a great time at the San Diego Festival of Books, where I met a lot of great folks and actual fans!

One of the things about being a writer is that you rarely meet the people who actually read your stuff. It was a humbling experience to have people come up and tell me that not only have they been reading my Union-Tribune articles since 2000, but a couple of folks said they had my 2003 book, Weekend Driver San Diego. Not only that, but they bought my new book, Joyrides Around San Diego.

I talked with folks young and old, San Diego natives and newcomers. Many had never been on roads in our back country. Others had been driving them for years, but wanted my book for all the tidbits about the roads and regions we call home.

Again, thanks for everybody who came out on Saturday, Aug. 26, and to the Union-Tribune, KPBS and the others who sponsored and put together what was a great day.


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