Uh… where is my Mini Cooper Countryman? Recapping for those of you who have just joined us: since mid-December it’s been built in Ganz, Austria; traveled to Bremerhaven, Germany; ridden on the Dionysos Leader across the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, through the Panama Canal and up the Pacific coast to Port Hueneme, Calif.

It was even in San Diego waters almost two weeks ago as the Leader dropped off other cars at the Port of San Diego’s docks in National City.

Don’t know how many miles that is, but it’s a fair distance going almost halfway around the world.

So what about the last 173 miles to the dealer in San Diego?

We’re not so sure.

I’m hoping it is there nice and secure, getting checked out to make sure it’s as perfect as if it was Roger Penske’s personal car (his company owns the outlet) and I can pick it up tomorrow.

It’s been a long journey; let’s hope my car isn’t sitting in someone else’s garage…

Well, after a couple of days of wondering if my Mini Cooper S Countryman and its ship, the Dionysos Leader, had been taken over by pirates or something, it’s popped back up on the ship tracking websites, about 7 nautical miles off of the Panama Canal. Seems to be waiting to get through. So, I’m still at least two weeks away from getting my car. Check out the location.

My Mini Cooper Countryman, aboard the good ship Dionysos Leader, is tonight enjoying the warm, tropical breezes in between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico in the Caribbean Sea. It’s due to reach the Panama Canal at 5 p.m. (Pacific Time) Friday, Feb. 1. Of course, I’m keeping an eye on it as it goes through the canal, then up the Pacific coast to Port Hueneme. Time’s almost here… I should have my car in a couple of weeks. Here’s the latest map.