After that big family Easter or Passover dinner, why not a drive around town? Here’s one from back in May 2004 that should fit the bill… close to home (maybe you even live on the route), great views, history and you might learn something about your hometown.

It’s Streetcar Suburbs, a twisting drive through Mission Hills, Balboa Park, Hillcrest and environs. These neighborhoods were San Diego’s first suburbs, developed as the streetcar moved up Fifth Avenue around the turn of the last century. There are even a few surprises along the way. Enjoy Streetcar Suburbs»

Along Highland Valley Road.

What are your top five twisty roads in San Diego County?

On my list is the drive for this weekend, Highland Valley Road, the subject of High on Highland. Hairpins? It’s got ’em. Blind curves? Danger? Steep grades? Narrow lanes? They’re all on Highland Valley Road between Rancho Bernardo and Ramona.

Enjoy this trip that was taken just before the 2007 fires in a sporty Honda Civic SI four door.

Loveless Cafe
Loveless Cafe

It’s a bit out of town, but some folks have the Christmas weeks off and can fly out of town. This is my blog entry from the first day on the Natchez Trace, a 400-plus mile long National Park that winds from Nashville to Natchez, Miss. I took the drive a few years ago and had a wonderful cruise down the middle of America.

The Natchez Trace is an ancient path that is most known for being the return path for traders who sailed down the Mississippi, sold their goods in New Orleans or Natchez, then walked back home. Lots of history here. So, enjoy the first installment.

By the way, if you’d like to read the rest, just click on the “Natchez Trace” tag at the bottom of the story.

And finally, one sad update: Carol Fay, the biscuit lady, passed away last year. Wish I had talked with her.

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Is it thisaway or thataway?

Here’s a great in-town trip for those of you wanting to explore the near-eastern part of the county: Snails and Shakes. Mt. Helix is one of the tallest peaks in the western part of our region, a 1,365-foot symbol of La Mesa. This is a fun drive around the corkscrew roads and former avocado trails of this beautiful area, complete with a visit to a classic burger joint. You’ll have to read the story to find out what snails have to do with this. It’s also a preview of the new Weekend Driver website, which will be fully functioning in a few weeks. Enjoy Snails and Shakes.