Back in January, I took my fourth long-distance trip on Amtrak. It was my second trip on the Southwest Chief to visit a friend who lives in Santa Fe, NM. It’s an overnight trip and I get a Superliner Roomette, which gives me my own little compartment, that seats and sleeps two, plus my meals.

For one handy low price that, at least in the winter, was cheaper than driving if you include meals, gas and an overnight stop. I can walk to the train station in San Diego, so that means my vacation really starts when I lock my front door. Pretty cool.

From San Diego, I take the Pacific Surfliner to Los Angeles, then catch the Southwest Chief to Santa Fe (it goes on to Chicago). From my front door, it takes about 24 hours to get there.

I get a lot of questions about riding on Amtrak and what sleeping is all about; this is a great video that explains all of it. With summer here, hop a train if you can. It’s a great experience.


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