The UK “car show” Top Gear is supposed to be one of the most popular shows on the planet and is known for wacky stunts on the tube featuring its four stars, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May and The Stig (who I believe follows Weekend Driver on Twitter, BTW). Haven’t seen it? Well spend the extra bucks for BBC America or check out the website. This ain’t Motorweek or Consumer Reports; it’s more like Grumpy Old Men moved to a racetrack and the cast handed keys to the hottest cars in the world.

The show also has a fine magazine with a lively stable of writers that take the whimsy and “petrol head” to readers every month.

The December issue has something that hits close to home for me… a race between Amtrak’s California Zephyr and a Bentley Continental. Writer Tom Ford and his team take the trip from Chicago to Emeryville, Calif., in the summer. Looks like a wonderful adventure. Enjoy.


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